Tormented Souls

  • Created a business oriented website along with an administrator panel.
  • Developed an SEO strategy and helped market their business.


In my freshman year at college I took a bold step and decided to get my first tattoo. I’d always wanted to get one, but I never knew exactly what to get. My father was fighting throat cancer at the time, and his strength inspired me. During the tattoo session the artist and I became friends. The more we spoke, the more we realized how similar we were.

At the time, his business website was strictly flash based and wasn’t indexed on any search engine. I explained to him how this was losing him hundreds of customers and that he needed to change it. After a lengthy discussion we decided to start fresh and develop a clean, simple, memorable website.

I spent a few weeks building the website and tailoring it to his needs. I also built an administrator panel from scratch so that he could edit anything he wanted at any time. The two of us spent several months working on the website’s SEO, building backlinks and tailoring content to target specific keywords. Today his website is ranked on the first page for over 20 different keywords. The site gets a few thousand hits a month, and his shop has never been busier.

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  • PHP: 1326
  • HTML: 1159
  • CSS: 183

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